About Us

Vlada and Vitko Auto Service was founded in 2004 and developed from a small shop founded by two brothers with entrepreneur spirit, one involved in mechanics and other in electrics. This combination along with modern machine park enables provision of quality service in every aspect in one place.

In addition to classic repairs and replacement of due parts we provide top quality service of engine machining and different metal processing services on top performance machines.

Latest BOSCH auto-diagnostics helps fast determination of irregularities in system functioning.

Since we started our business we pay greatest attention to modern trends monitoring in auto industry. In accordance with the development of auto industry and frequency of new models we tend to invest in technical equipment of the service and knowledge improvement of our staff.

Modern, computer diagnostics is inevitable in finding malfunction and errors in electronic systems, but their removal is the job of our staff. We are especially proud on a large number of solved cases of non-standard malfunctions where we have demonstrated experience, knowledge and modern technology.

How does it work?

Each functional irregularity is recorded as error by the computer. By connecting the car to a diagnostics system the device will read ALL errors (malfunctions) that you had and that were recognized as irregular operation.

We remove malfunctions on:

Injection and ignition systems on all petrol and diesel engines, dash boards, AC devices, automatic tip-tronic transmissions, ABS system, airbags and other electronic devices. Other functions are enabled as well such as new parts adaptation (dash boards, immobilizers, keys), service interval resets…

With the aid of the latest diagnostics device Bosch KTS 540 aimed for all passenger vehicles in just a few minutes by simple Bluetooth connection with the computer we will find an error on your car.

We will be glad if you contacted us and with favorable prices and professional attitude we will justify the trust given.